An Open Letter to Mom’s

encouragement for mother's


Dear (your name here), 

I wanted to write you a letter of encouragement. This weekend (maybe even this whole week if you’re so blessed ), you will get words of love and thanks for all you do as a mom. If you’re anything like me, I am my worst critic. I couldn’t help but think how many of those words you REALLY hear and take in. So today, I want to remind you of how valuable you are.

First, I want to say you are doing a good job even when it doesn’t feel like it.

There are so many days and moments that can make you feel like…. “Am I a bad mom?” The answer is probably no, you’re doing great!!! We all have those days, moments, weeks. Just know that you are doing a good job and your kid thinks the world of you, even if they seem to burst into tears at the sight of you. 

Be proud of the small victories! You don’t have to be a perfect mom to be a good mom!

If you are unconditionally loving and caring for your child, you are doing an AMAZING job! Whether you aspire to be the most pinterest-y mom on the block or are just keeping things afloat; find little victories in each day. Did your kiddo laugh at a joke or a song and it was the cutest thing ever? Did you get some extra snuggles that warmed your heart? Did your child come home with something they made just for you? Find reasons that brighten your day and remember why all the hard work of mothering is so worth it! That smile, that hug, that childlike wonder and joy.

You are (almost definitely) your own worst critic. Give yourself a compliment every once in a while.

Remember that the perfection or pinterest mom we all get caught up in thinking we need to be is a curated and created image. They might have intentionally created that moment or taken hours to get that just right lighting, or maybe that’s more natural to them(more power to ya)! You have your own skills and strengths, use those to your advantage. Your child doesn’t see the pinterest activities or perfectly curated party. Own YOUR version of motherhood! AND in case you can’t or didn’t compliment yourself- You are beautiful. You are loved. You are strong. You are valuable.

You are appreciated even if it isn’t always acknowledged.

I think I’ve heard it said before, motherhood or parenthood is a thankless job. There are so many things you do and not always someone there to dole out “thank you’s”’ or acknowledge the effort and work that goes into parenting. I want to take a moment to say thanks. Thank you for doing the dishes ALLLL the dang time. Thank you for making meals and packing lunches – even if your kid throws the parts they don’t like on the ground like mine does. Thank you for rocking them to sleep. Thank you for working hard to provide for them. Thank you for juggling all the adult responsibilities with being present for your kids. Thank you for the kisses and hugs. Thank you for your patience and grace, when you feel like you could explode. Thank you for sacrificing for your kids. Thank you for being YOU.

I’m your biggest fan!

I hope you really heard me (or read me) today. If not, maybe read it a few more times! Kidding… but know that your role as a mom: loving, hugging, feeding, supporting, teaching, engaging, playing – makes such a difference in their lives FOREVER! You are valuable, needed and appreciated! 

Mommy and me
The best mom

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