Maternal Mental Health tips

3 Ways To Be Intentional With Your Mental Health

  We all have months, weeks, and days where your mental health takes a backseat. As a mom you are constantly prioritizing and accomplishing a giant to-do list that never ends. Attempting to be prepared for the months ahead, planning, cooking, cleaning, transporting, and more, all while trying to be present and engaged with your little ones.  As a mom, I too feel the weight of my to-do list and… Read More »3 Ways To Be Intentional With Your Mental Health

5 Practical Tips to Bonding for Dads

Bonding is an important part of creating secure attachments with our children. Since it’s Father’s Day weekend, I wanted to remind any dads out there of all you have to offer your kids and provide you (dad or not) with 5 practical tips to bonding with your child. I recognize that as dads go, there is a wide range of comfortability, feelings of capability, and experience. I hope you know… Read More »5 Practical Tips to Bonding for Dads
encouragement for mother's

An Open Letter to Mom’s

  Dear (your name here),  I wanted to write you a letter of encouragement. This weekend (maybe even this whole week if you’re so blessed ), you will get words of love and thanks for all you do as a mom. If you’re anything like me, I am my worst critic. I couldn’t help but think how many of those words you REALLY hear and take in. So today, I… Read More »An Open Letter to Mom’s

Four Reasons to Fall in Love with Baby Massage

Have you ever heard of Baby Massage and thought, “What the heck even is that?”. Or maybe the first thing that comes to mind is an image of your sweet baby with cucumbers on their eyes, wrapped in the softest towel, being pampered. Although it won’t look quite like that, baby massage is relaxing, calming, and pampering for your little one! You are already an incredible parent, why not add… Read More »Four Reasons to Fall in Love with Baby Massage