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Thank you so much for supporting my small business and and making my mission a reality. My hope is for parents to feel supported and families to foster happy and healthy relationships with their child! I curated this box with babies and parents in mind to offer a variety of fun items to allow for play time with your child. I cannot wait for you to get to experience the joys of seeing your child grow and explore the world around them with the use of sensory play.


Check out some of our classes if you’re interested in other opportunities to bond, play, and learn new things with your baby!

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In this Toddler sensory box you will find:

Play Silk

Egg Shaker


Mylar Blanket

Foot/Wrist Bells

Polar Bear, Polar Bear Book

Sensory Blocks

Sensory Guide


Please note- Products and styles may vary.



The items in this box are sold as sensory items and require parent supervision during use to keep your child safe. We accept no liability or responsibility for how the products in this box are used. Do not leave infants unattended while using these items. Please regularly check for wear or damage to ensure the safest experience.

Sensory Play Kit for Toddlers and Infants!

Sensory play is any play that engages a child’s senses, movement, and balance to facilitate their development and learning!


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